Tuesday, August 16, 2011

off we go!

Today was the district-wide back to school celebration. I had heard from some returning faculty/staff that it was a horrible, boring waste of time. I was kind of dreading it, actually.

I loved it.

It dragged a little, at the beginning, but the superintendent was extremely funny when he spoke. I thought it was really great. He had a funny Michael Phelps/teacher joke, but telling it on here would give away the general geographic area that I teach in. Anyway, just trust me. Funny.

We worked more in the classroom again today, too. It's looking better and better, but still very few decorations. I'm definitely going to change that before the kids start. My parapro is inventorying my books for me, which hopefully is going okay since she didn't say anything. I also need to finish taking notes on my students (everyone else calls them my babies, by the way) so I can speak intelligently to my first-grade-counterparts tomorrow.

Meet-the-teacher night was also tonight. Since I'm considered a "non-homeroom teacher," I had to help with registration and residency issues instead of seeing them in my room. I met two more of my friends tonight, plus one of their moms. I AM SO EXCITED NOW!

It's getting real.

More tomorrow.

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