Wednesday, July 27, 2011

so. this is it.


After much agonizing, this is it. I have a job, and it comes with my own classroom. Crazy, isn't it? My own classroom? Is it a cliche to say that it doesn't seem real?

Anyway, I have a job at an elementary school. I don't want to say which one (or where) in the interest of privacy (mine and my students',) but I will say that it's a nice one that's been recently added on to and renovated. I'm not sure anyone has ever been in my classroom; I think my wing is new.

As for what kind of class I will have. . . I'm waiting with anticipation to find out. There have been some changes in my job description wording since they made the offer, so I'm going to see how that pans out. I'm not concerned; it sounds great. The students are going to be Kindergarten through 2nd great, which will be awesome. I am so excited.

You can see my room (above.) It's crowded right now. None of the stuff in it is mine. Well, it is now. I'm excited to have supplies that I didn't anticipate, but the way things are stuffed in there it's hard to even unpack the boxes to see what I have. I think my dad is going to go down with me on Friday to move some of the heavy stuff, and then I'm going to start unpacking things on Monday to see what I have.

 One thing I haven't mentioned: I'm having to relocate for this job. I think we've found a place, but no definite word yet. And I only have two weeks before I start. Yep.

as posted 26 july 2011 (on my other blog)

"Generations of Americans with disabilities have improved our country in countless ways. Refusing to accept the world as it was, they have torn down the barriers that prohibited them from fully realizing the American dream. Their tireless efforts led to the enactment of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), one of the most comprehensive pieces of civil rights legislation in our Nation's history. On this day, we celebrate the 21st anniversary of the ADA and the progress we have made, and we reaffirm our commitment to ensure equal opportunity for all Americans."
Barack Obama
Presidential Proclamation--Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act | The White House

as posted 25 july 2011 (on my other blog)

"Welcome, newbies, to the wonderful world of education. You are now embarked upon that career for which you’ve been preparing for so long. You’ve jumped through the hoops, sat through classes that often seemed irrelevant and/or stultifyingly dull. You’ve taken those horrible courses in education and teacher training that were required of you, those classes that took time away from gaining greater command of the discipline you were preparing to teach. And, despite the fact that those education classes offered almost nothing, you sat through them, nonetheless, demonstrating to all future employers that you have what it takes to deal with the myriad pointless faculty meetings and in-service breakout sessions that lie ahead."
Education Week Teacher: New Teachers: Are You in It for the Long Haul?

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"Resuming his routine, Mr. Morgan warned his audience, “Don’t ever mess with women who have retarded kids.” As groans and cries of “Uh-oh” were heard, he continued, “Them young retarded males is strong. They’re strong like chimps.”
Tracy Morgan at Carolines Comedy Club -

everyone was outraged at his homophobic comments, but the general consensus now is that he was "just being funny" with this remark. so, guys?

when is it going to far? what is okay to say in the name of comedy?

i don't think this is okay.

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Adult Privilege Checklist

read. this.

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as posted 18 December 2010 (on my other blog)

so, i'm going to graduate with honors . . .
assuming i make it through clinical practice without a mental breakdown. (i'm kidding. i think.)
that'd be nice :)