Monday, August 8, 2011

lost in the woods

I completed my first day of new-teacher-training today. A lot of it was completely redundant for me, but seeing others take notes and ask questions made me realize that my teacher education program had probably just covered more of these practical things than theirs. I've met a lot of new teachers, who all seem awesome, and our coordinator seems really knowledgable and supportive.

So, how am I lost?

A lot of the things I have questions about are school-based procedures and special education procedures. I've been assured that this will be covered on Thursday, when returning teachers start. Still, some of these things are kind of a big deal. I'm kind of getting anxious, because they impact my planning for next week.

Yes, next week. When the kids show up.

Anyway, I'm also lost because I'm *cringe* still not sure of what my class format will be like. I really need to talk to my mentor (who is actually in the room right next door!) about it. Even if she doesn't know, she should know who to talk to.

I'm at work every day all week. Which is awesome, because it will make me more prepared. But, also inconvenient . . . because we still haven't moved in to the apartment. Yay for 90 minute commutes?

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