Saturday, August 6, 2011

shopping (plus, what to geek-out on?)

(I don't want to make this a personal blog, but) I've done a lot of shopping so far this weekend. I made an IKEA trek yesterday, and now have furniture for my new apartment. Well, I have furniture for my room in my shared apartment, at least. Anyway, I'm anxious to find out when I can move in (the estimate is no earlier than Wednesday and possibly not until Sunday) because I am making a 90 minute commute to my school right now. Which is going to kind of suck this week.

I have new teacher orientation bright and early tomorrow (Monday.) Which I didn't know about before today. I think I am only half in-the-loop: I'm told about things, but the person telling me thinks I already know. I missed a benefits orientation, which was on the 4th, but the letter from benefits about the orientations was postmarked on the 5th. Yeah, I'm kind of confused, too. I would have missed the new teacher orientation, too, if not for the ├╝ber-nice receptionist at my school who called around for me to get my e-mail password (I'd been informed that IT would call me.)

It's no big deal, though, (as long as I don't get in trouble for missing something.)

After my IKEA and Target shopping extravaganzas, I was messing around on Amazon. My classroom wish list is now massive. It's mostly classroom decorations and children's books, for now, because I still have no idea what the kids I'll have will need. A lot of it I probably won't get this month, or even this year, but it's nice to dream. (And, of course, my personal wish list is also too-big.)

Do you want to know what's sparse?

My "professional reading" wish list.

I've been reading a lot of teacher blogs lately, so I added The CAFE Book and The Daily Five to the list because they keep being mentioned. I also have a few books I liked during college but never read all the way through, such as Skillstreaming and the Tough Kid series. But, mostly, I don't know what to read. And, also, I can't find very many good Special Education blogs.

So, I need reading suggestions. Also, blog suggestions.

And maybe a nice lie-down. I'm exhausted.

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