Tuesday, August 9, 2011


So, day two of new-teacher training involved going to our schools for half a day. Which was awesome.

My cabinets are not done. My SmartBoard is nowhere in sight. Yet, I'm not concerned.

I met my mentor today. Her room is next door. She probably thinks that I'm an idiot, because I had no idea what's going on. Or . . . well. In my defense, I was told I was being hired for one thing and then found out today that it was a completely different kind of class.

Yet, I'm not concerned.

I found out about my class today, from someone (aka my mentor) who actually knows. And I read files, and reports, and IEPs. And I now know so much more.

I am teaching resource.

Yes, me, teaching resource. At The College, my two practicum placements and my clinical internship were all self-contained. I only even saw two resource classes during my first-semester rotation (which was about 10 different classrooms for a half-day each.) I did, in my defense, have one child in my clinical practice who was resource, but came to our self-contained class because he was a kinder and there were no other resource kinders in our school.

But, anyway, resource. It is emotional/behavioral, as I was told, just not self-contained. Which is great, actually. Just unexpected.

I have six, right now, but that's subject to any additions from kindergarten as the year goes on plus anyone who needs me that moves in. I have six firsties! Yes, even though I officially teach K-1-2, they're all the same age. I think it's awesome. I have five boys, and one girl. Yes, I have a girl! Unexpected, but also great.

So, I'm not concerned (because I am now freaking excited.)

There are some things, though. Being resource, I'm not going to do first (or second) day of school with them. I won't be their homeroom. I won't be making my own lesson plans; I'll be working with them on the exact thing their regular ed class is learning right at that moment.

I'll need to make sure I am super helpful to our first grade reg-ed teachers, too. Of course.

Anyway. . .  students!

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