Thursday, August 11, 2011

frist day

Even though I've been working a few days already, today was the first official day for all teachers (read: not just newbies.) We had meetings in the morning, and then got to work in our rooms more after lunch.

I am constantly learning more and more about how things are done here. I felt so clueless just forty-eight hours ago, and now I'm feeling much more in control of the situation. We still have more meetings, too, so hopefully things only get better from here.

I worked on my room this afternoon. (Photos will come tomorrow, since the internet is slow here.) It looks like a classroom now, and not a landfill!

After work, I went to Miss Bee's (my roommate's) classroom at another school. She's doing pre-K, so all of her stuff is so tiny. She's done a great job with her room, I'm so jealous.

Anyway, I'm staying at Miss Bee's parents' house, so no more commuting for now. I think we get keys next week. (woot!)

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