Tuesday, May 29, 2012

shut. the. door.

Guess who has her IEP progress reports done a full 23 hours before they have to be sent home tomorrow. That would be this lady. That's even with staying up all night reading Gabriel's Rapture (I told you I use reading to procrastinate.) I also have all of my IEPs checked, my instructional files almost ready, and my room almost completely cleaned. Yes yes yes

I can't believe it. Tomorrow, year one is over.


So, anyway, if you've been keeping track. . . I hadn't seen the carpet in my closet since halfway through the first nine weeks. I had so much junk (tons of toys!) that I inherited and was unsure what to do with (besides, well, hiding it.) The closet also was locked, with no key to be found, for over half the school year. It was a black hole. Or something. But not anymore. . .

It's still extremely messy, but a much more usable kind. I can get to everything. I can actually walk into the closet. It is amazing. I have been bragging to everyone about how I can see the bottom of my triangular storage closet for once. (Most of them get stuck on "You have a triangular closet?" and don't fully appreciate the unclutering. A shame.)

Also, the bookshelf in my room is slowly getting more organized, too. And the buckets are going home tomorrow (woot!)

So, are you all out yet?

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