Wednesday, May 30, 2012

requiem for a lost latte

As you might surmise from my blog title, I'm a bit serious about my caffeine intake. This consumption is usually in the form of a venti iced nonfat latte from Starbucks. (An expensive habit I need to quit, but that's tangential.)

I even took a photo of my beloved latte (I'm only mostly joking) this morning, while commemorating the last breakfast I would scarf down frantically in my classroom (as a first year teacher, at least.)

However, me drinking all of this latte? Not meant to be. 

One latte was already lost last week to my newest small person, who snatched it away and drank from it before I could blink. (He then had to be stopped from taking it out of the trashcan to drink.) This one ended up on the floor when one of my other littles threw it. After denting a wall and bending my chart stand. Within four minutes. Before the school bell even rang. 

When my wingman/assistant came in, he tried to talk to the child and nearly got  his hand shut in a door. When he said, "You only have two hours before you're done for the year." . . . the small person only cried harder.

My mentor: "They're just showing you how much they're going to miss you."

I totally feel for this kid, and not wanting to leave. I get it. And compared to how this child started, today was no big deal. I'm just getting frustrated, because there is nothing I can do about it. I can't offer ESY just because you want to stay at school all summer. Sorry.

So, now that I'm DONE with my first year of teaching (!) I'm celebrating by going to Disney World taking a nap.

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