Monday, May 28, 2012

countdown . . .

T-minus 350 minutes. Yes, I've got it down to minutes. In our district, we end the year with three half days. While I appreciate that this gives more time to do end of the year prep (progress reports, room cleaning, etc,) it totally messes with everyone's schedule. TOTALLY.

We've been just trying to keep chugging these last weeks. I taught reading through the last full day, and stretched the math series to finish on the exact last full day. I was pretty proud, since plays and ceremonies and field day were conspiring against me. We did some cute activities and made memory books . . . of which I have no photos. Because I haven't been able to take my camera out.

I have a new friend. Again. (Why, yes, I did write an IEP for the last six days of the school year.) I need some time for this sweetheart to grow on me, but I'm sure he will. Just maybe not before the end of the school year. He declared the other day that he didn't want to go to hell for being bad (this was a total non sequitur, by the way) and proceeded to attempt baptizing himself in the sink. I didn't really have anything appropriate to say, at least not that came to mind immediately, and he wasn't hurting anyone . . . so I let him do it.

Right now, I'm in the middle of progress reports and major cleaning. Do you remember that horrific picture of my storage closet? I may be getting back on the clutter-free wagon. I'll have pictures on Tuesday, I hope. When I left Friday, I could see the floor in my storage closet!!!

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