Thursday, May 3, 2012


The thermometer outside of our room seems to be stuck above 85. The plants are green. It has officially bypassed Spring here, and we've progressed on into Summer. We're trying to stay busy and out of trouble, but seeing the May calendar with our last day of school posted has put some of us on countdown.

I may or not be one of them.

All year, I've relied mostly on the daily promise of prize box as an incentive for appropriate behavior. I'm really wanting to get away from this for some of mine, particularly the ones I serve on a resource or itinerant basis. My new thing hash been different criteria for prize box depending on service minutes (which feels like juggling to keep up with) and holding Friday incentive parties. Last week's party was an Angry Birds party. The littles who earned it were ecstatic! 

We had out an iPad, a Kindle Fire, my iPhone, and M's Droid. It was amazing. 

We've been hanging out with our good friend Mo Willems during literacy block. We used Hope King's Knuffle Bunny Unit, and the small people had a blast. My eldest small person felt too cool for bunnies, but he also was the first to complete all of the activities, so . . .

I finally got a white board in my room! I'd been asking FOREVER, so they finally gave me a tiny one to make me shut up. It's not magnetic, though . . . that makes me sad. The pigeon came and left us a message regarding this Friday's party:

Our little garden has finally started to grow! We'd just about given up on the spearmint until yesterday, when all the littles started to exclaim it was growing. M thought they were having a shared delusion. As you can see in the photo below, it's not visible.

But once we got right.up.close to it, we could see a little green. Just a little. But it's there.  Look!

Anyway I'm trying to teach hard until the end, but it's very hard to do so when we're already making so many plans for the next school year. I just ordered a bunch of stuff for next year through the school, and I have plans to ask for some more stuff from our district-level special services because I'm greedy my students could use it. Yes. That.

Also, we're planning out classes next year. I've done class size projections a few times, and I've had as little as four (in March) and am now anticipating at least nine in August. Which will be . . . awesome. Yeah.

P.S. - Part of why I have nine is because . . . I'm keeping my second graders! Next year I'm teaching third grade. Yes. Yes.

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