Tuesday, June 12, 2012

winner winner

So, I don't know if you read Angelia Grimes-Graeme's blog, Extra Special Teaching.  Or if you've checked out her awesome sight word and phonics games on TpT. But, you should. Really.

I feel like I owe her major props. . . because I won her Luna Projection Camera give-away. Yes. Yes.

This is what I'll be getting:

Well. The camera part. I already have a laptop and SmartBoard. Thank goodness.

Everyone else at my school has a document camera. (By "everyone else," I mean the regular ed people.) And I've been horribly jealous. You'd think I wouldn't need one, since I don't have that many small people. I already have plans for it, though. Reading smaller books together, looking over writing samples on the SmartBoard, etc. I'm super stoked.

I don't normally win things. Well, actually I do. If they're talent/brains based. But, luck-based things. . . I don't win those. I almost jumped up and down when I got the e-mail. I exercised a little restraint, though.

Anyway, so how is everyone doing on their summer lists? So far I've gotten through eleven books, I think. The Out of Sync Child has not been one of them. I do not recall ever not finishing a book. It may be time to break this run, though. I don't know what it is, but I cannot get into it. Ooooh. I haven't read any teaching-related ones since I've been on vacation, I've stuck to semi-trashy. The Marriage Bargin and Bared to You. I really liked the latter, mostly because I usually find romance novel characters to be overly dramatic. These two are, be assured, but at least they have real issues that mitigate it somewhat.

My classroom list isn't going too hot. I've mostly complied spelling lists for the year. And. . . that's it. Eeeep.

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