Friday, March 16, 2012

my caseload, it keeps a-chanigin'

I'm going to try to get in a post over the weekend, but I'm at my parents house recovering from the plague (you should've seen my swollen joints yesterday. . .)

I lost my kinder-baby about a week ago. Her family moved out-of-district, so she's at a new school. Her new district has called already because they don't have a class like mine for kinders (especially with high iq.) I'm not ruling out boomerang-ing. We'll see.

I have a new friend that may be starting next week, dependent on the IEP team's decision. And I'm concerned about how to do my literacy block (story of my life) because I probably don't have materials on his level. I'll figure it out, though, nbd.

On another note, I received word that my request for Reading Mastery was approved. Yay!

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