Thursday, March 22, 2012


I had a professional day today (how weird is it to be on-campus and technically not be there?) I have had so many great subs this year, both during the long time that I was without an assistant and on the days I've been out. I've had great subs. Today's wasn't one of them.

I left some things for her to prep for tomorrow, things my assistant would've done if I was there. I left written instructions. I went over it with her. I left a picture of the finished product so she could see how it went together. . .

Complete waste of paper. NOTHING was done right, and it was wrong enough that my little perfectionists will not abide it. Ugh.

Anyway, after being sad about that waste of natural resources. . . I did have one thing to perk me up.

It's here! (Except my three copies of workbook B . . .) I'm stoked, because my kids actually like Reading Mastery (Yes, haters, they like it) and some are close to the end of RM Classic 1. The first day we started reading in the storybooks, one of my kids declared it awesome. They love the storybooks, because they like that they can read a lot of words correctly without picture prompts and understand the story. "It's not a baby book." (Interesting how Level D guided reading books are babyish, but the orthography isn't. It probably helps them that I've shown them that the letters gradually change to regular font.)

We're going to go ahead with the language arts component next week. I'm not sure how they'll feel about it. They like the reading portion, but they also understood the urgency of working hard on reading. ("Once I read better, I can get cooler books on library day.") They don't seem to realize that they have language deficits. They can tell me amazing things about their special interests, solve complex problems, create great things with legos . . . but falter when I ask them to put something under their chair or say that the picture goes above the story. We did positional words during our location/movement unit, but they didn't seem to realize that they should know those concepts.

We'll see. Tomorrow it's off to do more progress reports and try to re-cut all the pieces for the project we're doing . . . ho hum . . .

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