Sunday, November 27, 2011


Hi. Umm, it's been a month. While I am not one for excuses ("but he made me do it!") there have been some interesting circumstances around these here parts:

1. I had a new friend join me on short notice. He hasn't learned the ropes yet, so I've been kicked/hit/bitten (yes, bitten!) quite a few times. Plus, my new friend runs out of my room frequently. My others ran out frequently in August if they were upset (not anymore.) He ran out last week when asked if he wanted to play legos or do Fast Math during choice time. Yeah.

2. My paraprofessional took all of her sick days, then quit with no notice. The day after her sick leave ran out, she didn't call in or officially quit, so I didn't even have a substitute. I've had some interesting substitutes in the meantime, by the way. I have a long-term one now, though. She's amazing, but not trained and having to learn on the spot. Plus, she's only paid to work bell-to-bell (paraprofessionals stay 30 minutes,) so it's hard to conference about logistics.

3. I have been sick. I have a nasty chest cold (AKA probably bronchitis) that's been messing with my asthma, plus I just finished antibiotics for an ear infection. As a side note, I don't know any other adult that still gets ear infections. This is my third this year. Weird?

Anyway, I'm going to try to be better about posting, because some of the things that go on around here are pretty funny. I need to be creating a memoir. ;)

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