Wednesday, September 5, 2012

the real teacher

I got observed today.

If you knew me in real life, or if you can imagine how year two as a teacher would be for me based on how teacher licensure goes in your state, you might think I meant by an official evaluator. Or someone from administration. Or from the state department. Or whatever.


Today, I had a student observing. A student. From our friendly local SEC member university. (Have I outed my location yet?) It kind of blew me away, especially considering they asked me in particular.

Being on my own in a classroom last year as the "real teacher" was weird enough, but it was surreal to be the one being watched. (And not as the "what not to do" example!) The girl that observed was very complimentary and said she couldn't believe it was only my second year.

Yes, I'm bragging. Sorry.

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  1. I was super excited the first time I had a student teacher come observe. Congrats on the great compliments! By the way all the best teachers live in the SEC!
    Special Teaching in the Middle