Tuesday, January 10, 2012

procrastination (and a small freebie-ish thing)

Kara gave me a blogger award . . . and I'm totally not with it enough to do more than just give her a shout out right now. I think if I listed seven random things about myself right now( per award rules,) they would all start with, "I am stressed out because . . ." But, if you're actually reading this, go check her blog out.

Three things:

- One: I get a new paraprofessional. TOMORROW. Guess when I found out? In the middle of the school day today. Guess who doesn't know? My kids. Guess who is going to be hating life tomorrow because we don't deal well with change? Anyone that comes anywhere near my room.

Also, they didn't even tell me this guy's name. Yes, that's right, GUY. I, um, am not good with talking to guys. I, umm, got teased a lot at lunch today. About my new man. *gulp*

- Two: I have a cute display in the hallway. Pictures tomorrow because I was going to lose the game if I didn't pack up my stuff right then. (My mentor and I occasionally try to race out of the school. This sounds slack, but it never happens until we've both worked at least 30 minutes past quitting time. I won today, but usually loose.)

- Three: I made labels for my new leveled library (that should arrive tomorrow if UPS doesn't randomly leave the box somewhere!) They fit the layout for the Post-It 1 Inch circular labels. If you by chance want labels to go on your books to label them by guided reading level, click for the PDF on Google Docs:

Levels A - C

Levels D - F

Levels G - I

Levels J - L

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