Wednesday, July 27, 2011

so. this is it.


After much agonizing, this is it. I have a job, and it comes with my own classroom. Crazy, isn't it? My own classroom? Is it a cliche to say that it doesn't seem real?

Anyway, I have a job at an elementary school. I don't want to say which one (or where) in the interest of privacy (mine and my students',) but I will say that it's a nice one that's been recently added on to and renovated. I'm not sure anyone has ever been in my classroom; I think my wing is new.

As for what kind of class I will have. . . I'm waiting with anticipation to find out. There have been some changes in my job description wording since they made the offer, so I'm going to see how that pans out. I'm not concerned; it sounds great. The students are going to be Kindergarten through 2nd great, which will be awesome. I am so excited.

You can see my room (above.) It's crowded right now. None of the stuff in it is mine. Well, it is now. I'm excited to have supplies that I didn't anticipate, but the way things are stuffed in there it's hard to even unpack the boxes to see what I have. I think my dad is going to go down with me on Friday to move some of the heavy stuff, and then I'm going to start unpacking things on Monday to see what I have.

 One thing I haven't mentioned: I'm having to relocate for this job. I think we've found a place, but no definite word yet. And I only have two weeks before I start. Yep.

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